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Comic books that tell the story of human trafficking.


Abolitionista Movement


Abolitionista movement

Abolitionista! Is not just the name of a comic book series, it’s a universal movement of young people who are standing up against human trafficking.  Dangerous criminals all over the world are savagely hellbent on making money from the weaknesses of people who are poor and in trouble.  But young people everywhere are standing against this monstrous crime and coming to the defense of those who have been victimized by it. 

  1. Do not share your name or info online. 

  2. Do not meet with people you met online unless your parents are with you.

  3. Do not post embarrassing or inappropriate pictures. 

  1. Share Abolitionista! Comic Books

  2. Host your own comic book workshop at your school, club, or house of worship. Email us here: workshops@savingjane.org.

  3. Donate $5 and we will give a comic book to someone in need. Donate here.


Someone who stands against modern-day slavery.


/A-buh-LI-shuh-NEE-sta/ noun

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Comic Books about human trafficking

How to become an abolitionista!

How to take action

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