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Thomas Estler

Thomas Estler has a passion for comic books and freedom and is on a crusade to help rid the world of human trafficking. His comic books have been showcased at the United Nations and New York Comic Con, and he is a frequent speaker at human trafficking conferences, comic book conventions and schools, where he brings his comic book workshops. He was named one of The New Abolitionists alongside Meryl Streep and Tina Fey, and he is currently working on a comic book series for kids in foster care.  

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Flora Li

Born in Seattle, WA, Flora is a self-taught artist who began taking on freelance illustration jobs in high-school. She obtained a degree in media, communications at New York University, but found her passion in creating stories. Flora believes that characters and stories (even if fictitious) have a profound impact on shaping our shared humanity. 

Kathyann Powell
founder of saving jane

Kathyann Powell migrated to the US from Barbados with her mother in 1986 and was interested in fashion from an early age, eventually attending FIT and obtaining a merchandising degree. She then parlayed that experience into a 14-year career in luxury retail sales which she found to be lucrative, but unfulfilling in spite of winning accolades from her management team and national recognition, while being featured in company magazines. In 2017, she attended a leadership training program and chose to retire from fashion and sales and use her new freedom to explore all the things she never had time to do. She became a gourmet chef, took up Pilates and yoga and moved to Las Vegas to enjoy the weather. About three months later, in late February of 2018, she had an epiphany and chose to dedicate her life to helping survivors of human trafficking. She founded Saving Jane in March of 2018. As Saving Jane's CEO, she spends her time creating new ways to address the three pillars of Saving Jane: Awareness, Prevention and the Aftercare of survivors. 

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Rachel Davis
Comic Editor

Rachel Davis is the Comics Editor for Saving Jane. Prior to joining the SJ team, she was an editor and Co-Section Head for Independent Publishers at ComicsVerse from 2017-2018. In this role, she edited hundreds of articles on comics history, culture, and industry for a global readership.  Rachel has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s Studies from Hofstra University and a Master of Letters in Comics and Graphic Novels from the University of Dundee. In 2020, she co-founded LDComics Dundee (formerly Laydeez Do Comics Dundee), the local branch of the UK’s largest women-led comics forum that promotes and celebrates women-identifying comic creators. When not looking for any excuse to discuss the Archie characters Betty and Veronica, Rachel enjoys cooking and walking.

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