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about human trafficiking.

Comic Books

Learn about H.T. through comic books


#GoodGirlGone is the story of…

Abolitionista Vol1 talks about…

Abolitionista! Movement

It is a movement lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, vix at aperiri debitis, sint justo civibus sit cu. Usu ea sint tempor. Te nec dicat doctus facilisi, commune concludaturque te 


1. Do not share your name / id 

2. Do not meet with people you met online unless accompanied by a parent.

3. Do not post inappropriate pics. 

Be part of the solution

1. Share Abolitionista! Comic Books

2. Create an event at school / church to talk about human trafficking.

3. Donate $5 and we will give a comic book to someone in need…

Abolitionista  /A-buh-LI-shuh-NEE-sta/ noun - Someone who stands against modern-day slavery.
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